Postage Stamps used in the German Marshall Islands
Type I Cancels
by Dirk H.R. Spennemann

This cancel, which measures 28mm, was used from 29 March 1889 until about 21 May 1900. During that period most cancels were black. However between 1895 and 1897 a blueish ink, with a hint of green was used, while a red-violet ink is known to have been used in 1895. Setting variations are known inasmuch the day and month setting exist with and without an oblique separator dash. Once the new canceller (type II) had arrived and was first used on 21 May 1900, the old type I cancelremained in parallel use until 23 May 1900. Presumably the day and moths slugs were interchanged. The obsolete type I cancel was sent back to Hamburg on 6 June 1900.[1]

A selection of type I cancels on stamps is shown here. .

Missing year slugs are reported several times for the Jaluit cancel. In the first instance, the date slug for 1890 was not deliverd until 2 March 1890, which meant that on legitmate cancels of the January and February 1890 the year was left off. In the second instance the same occuured in 1892, but the year slug arrived in early February. In this case the year was either left blank or written in by hand. A third instance occurred in January 1897, when the date slug was not available before 20 January 1897, with genuine cancels know until 15 January 1897. Again the date '97' was omitted.[2]


Forged Cancels

Forged type I cancels exist, which were used to cancel Berlin issue stamps. as they were printed after the type I canceller had been returned to Berlin, genuine examples are not possible. Characteristic of these cancels is the fact that the cancels do not have a year and carry the dates of 30/6, 5/7; 7/8 and 14/8, dates which cannot occur in reality as the type I cancel was sent back to Berlin in May 1900. The ink of the cancel is a buelish-greyblack as well as greyish-black. The same cancel was also used to cancel the Marshhall-Inseln issue. The origin of several of these forgeries seems to have been a stamp dealer in Hannover.[3] The cancel with the date 2 December 1898 was forged by François Fournier. In addition, the cancel with the date 22 November 1899 (see left) was forged in the mid-1970s by Bernhard Friedrich, using the Friedemann illustration as template.

Forged Type I cancels also exist for the Vorläufer. They have been found both on the 1880 and on the 1889 Eagle issue. The cancel date is 6.9.89[4]

Some forged type I cancels do not even attempt to be imitate the orignal cancels, but are widely different.


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