Postage Stamps used in the German Marshall Islands
The Postmasters
by Dirk H.R. Spennemann


Domnick, Karl (Carl)

Postmaster 1 November 1899 - 30 September 1904; 15 December 1911 - 31 January 1912.

*1860. - Protestant. - Prussian citizen. - Married to a part-Marshallese, Protestant, 4 children in 1911. - Harbourmaster 1901; ; Assessor court of appeal Jaluit 1906; Deputy Assessor Jaluit Court 1907; Trader and shipowner 1910; appointed prosecutor for the Jaluit district 1911; deported by the Japanese 31 May 1915.

Carl Domnick was a major force in the creation of philatelic items, both cancelled-to-order, and later the handcancelled Atollpost covers.

Carl Domnick operated the pub and hotel "Germania on Jaluit from before 1905 until 1915. On a post card sent to Ludwig Lutz in Frankfurt (postmarked Jaluit 5 May 1905) Domnick comments that he is prepared to assist with the acquisition of items on the basis of a 10% commission. As far as the acquistion of Mariana Islands stamps are concerned, Domnick recommends to deal directly with Woitschek. For the full text of the card see here

His father-in-Law, Felix Becker often assisted Domnick in his endeavours. The contemporary stamp press was often derogatory of Becker, labelling him 'father-in-law' in quotationmarks, one assumes largely because his daughter was part-Marshallese. [9]



Postmaster 11 April 1911 - 15 December 1911

Police officer Hartwig suffered a nervous breakdown on 15 December 1911 and was relieved of his duties both a chief of police and as postal agent. A reviw of the accounts found a discrepancy of RMk 530, which the RPA sought to recover from Hartwig after his repatriation.[10]. Carl Domnick was appointed acting postmaster.


Knoth, Alfred

Postmaster 18 March 1896 - 31 October 1899

Merchant captain, Jaluit 1896


Justus E. ('Julius') Krümling

Postmaster 11 March 1911 - 3 October 1914

* 1860 >1936. - Prussian citizen. - Protestant. - harbour master, pilot and chief of police Jaluit 1895-; Captain of the Jaluit Gesellschaft schooner Flink; in April 1896; Assessor Jaluit 1895-1900; Captain of the Jaluit Gesellschaft schooner Triton; in May 1904. Deputy Bezirksamtmann Jaluit FY 190809-1915; Assessor court of appeal Jaluit 1909; postmaster Jaluit 1912; deported by the Japanese 31 May 1915. (accompanied by his wife).


Reiher, Adolf

Postmaster 29 March 1889 - 18 March 1896

Adolf Reiher was born in Flensburg, then most probably part of Denmark. He died in Jaluit on 18 March 1896 of influenza. A Prussian citizen, Reiher married to a Marshallese with whom he had 3 children, Protestant.
harbour master, pilot and chief of police Jaluit 1888-1896; postmaster 1895-1896 Gerichtsdiener and Gerichtsvollzieher Jaluit 1890-1893; acting Deputy Bezirksamtmann Jaluit 1888.



Postmaster 1 February 1912 - 11 March 1912

Government secretary Schönleber was appointed post master on 1 February 1912 to take over from Carl Domnick who had bee made acting postmaster following post master Hartwig's nevrous breakdown. The work load of post master on top of the normal government work was too much. After Justis Krümling had been appointed chief of police, Schönleber stepped down.[13]

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