Postage Stamps used in the German Marshall Islands
15 -- Labels and Cinderellas
by Dirk H.R. Spennemann


Registration Labels

A handwritten registration label in red and black ink has been created in November 1899, as no printed registration labels were available.
Label for Registered Mail, used in 1900
For more examples of registration labels, see here
Label for Registered Mail, used February 1901
Label for Registered Mail, used in December 1901
Label for Registered Mail, used May 1905
Label for Registered Mail, used February 1913
Label for Registered Mail, on ships of the Jaluit Gesellschaft used November 1907

Philatelic cover created by using a 20Pfennig stamp of the Berlin Marschshall issue and one 25Pfg stamp of the second, Marshshall issue. Note that the registration number is handwritten in red ink as no registration labels were available.



The German government had created a number of paper seals, used to seal envelopes. These existed for various government agencies and Institutions both within Germany and its colonies. The seals used in the Marshall Islands and on Nauru are shown below. Related pages show seals from other colonies German in the Pacific and elsewhere, as well as seals from German Embassies and Consulates, and the navy




Lost Colonies Labels

Sections of the German public felt strongly about the loss of the colonies as well its eastern and western provinces. Sometime in the mid 1920s black-rimmed 'mourning labels' were manufactured for all colonies, as well as lost territory in Central Europa. The colonial stamps show the Emperor's Yacht and the flag of the Imperial Navy flying at half mast. They were sold in sheets of twenty. Special mounting sheets were also produced by stamp dealers.



Advertising stamps

Not all stamps forgeries were produced as space fillers or to defraud. Some were made for political purposes, and some for as advertising gimmicks, such as the item shown in figure X. The label mimicks the "G.R.I." over-printed 1Mk red Yacht-type stamps and Samoa, New Guinea and the Marshall Islands, but carries the inscription "LUDER & BIANCHI" in the banner. It is also overprinted with a rubber stamp "John Bianchi." The perforation is poor compared to the originals. The item was produced in 1919 for a stamp dealership in Zürich (Switzerland).

Figure XX
Advertising label for the company Luder and Bianchi.


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