Stamps and Postal History of the German Marshall Islands
Passage costs on the German mail steamer
Germania in 1908

compiled by Dirk H.R. Spennemann

Passage costs on the German mail steamer Germania, operated by the Jaluit Gesellschaft (1913)
Costs in German Imperial Marks (Reichsmark)

   Deck Passenger
 From Sydney toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Rabaul toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Nauru toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Jaluit toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Kosrae toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Pohnpei toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Chuuk toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Saipan toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Ulial toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Yap toCabinWhitesnon-Whites
   Deck Passenger
 From Koror toCabinWhitesnon-Whites

Freight tariff

From Sydney or Hongkong to the islandsMk 30.–per cubic metre or 1000kg
as determined by ship
From the islands to Sydney or HongkongMk 20.–
From one island to anotherMk 15.–
Minimal freight chargeMk 5.–
Kontanten from Sydney or Hongkong to the islands 1.5 %
Kontanten from one island to another0.75%


SourceJaluit Gesellschaft Hamburg. Passage- ud Frachttarif des Postdampfers "Germania". Reichskolonialamt file no 2731.

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