Marshall Islands Atoll Information

Rongerik Atoll

Atoll Information

Atoll (name) Location Number
Land area (km2) Lagoon area (km2) Ratio land to lagoon area (km2)
English Marshallese North East area rank area rank ratio rank
Rongerik Roúdik 11°20' 167°27' 17 1.68 24 143.95 18 1.17 21

Alternative names

The following alternative names have been used on European charts
logbooks and the accounts of visitors:
Pescadores (Wallis 1767)

US. Navy Codenames used during WWII and during the nuclear testing period

Dislocate -- Rongerik Atoll

Public Health


Environmental Data

View a 1881 map of Rongerik Atoll
Map of Rongerik Atoll (1897)

Historic data

Historic Demographic Information for the Marshall Islands--Rongerik Atoll

Chronological listing of ships visiting the Marshall Islands until 1885 --Rongerik Atoll



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