U.S. Trade with the Marshall Islands in 2002

by US Census Bureau

U.S. Trade with Marshall Islands in 2002

Available months:

January 2002 - Marshall Islands

By 1-digit SITC commodity
In millions of dollars
1-digit SITC Commodity Exports Imports
(0) Food and Live Animals 0.51 0.18
(1) Beverages and Tobacco 0.12 (-)
(2) Crude Materials, Inedible, Except Fuels 0.13 (Z)
(3) Mineral Fuels, Lubricants and Related Materials (Z) (-)
(5) Chemicals and Related Products, N.E.S. (Z) (-)
(6) Manufactured Goods Classified Chiefly by Material 0.12 (-)
(7) Machinery and Transport Equipment 0.70 (-)
(8) Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles 0.06 (-)
(9) Commodities and Transactions, N.E.S. 0.18 1.97
TOTAL 1.87 2.16
(-) Represents zero.
(Z) Represents less than 0.05

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