[6]   Bob, or Pandanus tectorius, is a major food plants in the Marshall Islands. Pandanus formed one of the staples in the diet on many atolls in the Marshall Islands, and over one hundred` varieties were known at the turn of the century. Today Pandanus still forms a major food item in the outer islands. The green leaves of a fruitless variety are used to weave mats and to thatch roofs and walls of buildings. [back]

[7]   The aje (drum) is an hour-glass shaped wooden drum, made from a hollowed out log of kone (Pisonia grandis) wood. The membrane was made of the strong, but smooth skin of the inner lining of a shark's stomach. The about 3-4 feet long drum had a diameter of about 1 foot and was played by women, held at the hip while in a sitting position. [back]

[8]   In the pre-Christian era, the Marshallese social system distinguished between two major classes: irooj and kajur. These days the term kajur is not used so often as the class has been divided into the alap ("land managers") and the ri-jerbal ("workers").[back]