Polygamy was the privilege of the higheriroojclasses only. [back]


This is not the only story which warns against second marriages and problems with any second wife/stepmother. See "The story of Lijebake " (page 36). A common solution, in reality, was that any child goes with its matrilineal admother madlineage. [back]


It was a common belief that the recent dead came back in a bird and that a mothers spirit would return to look after the interests of her children. [back]


Translation: Kinjiadpinch with the finger nails; Abijad squeeze the skin; Kelokadfly away! [back]


In his observations from the 1910s Krmer mentions kites amongst other toys and childrens games such as tops, balls, pinwheels, wrestling, stick throwing, racing, sailing toy boats and surfing. The traditional kite or limaakak consisted of a cross tied together out of two palm leaf ribs, onto which was fastened a rhomboid of woven strips of Pandanus leaf. The projecting ends of the cross piece bore tufts of fiber, as did the end of the tail [back]