Marshallese Legends and Traditions

Letao and Jemeliwut

Again and again when hearing and reading Marshallese legends, the name of Letao is mentioned: Letao, the famous trickster of the Marshall Islands. Often, now, he is seen as human, but he was originally thought of as a god.

He and Jemeliwut, his brother and companion through many adventures, were direct descendants of the original creationary god Lowa, who was said to have made the world. Lowa had a son Wullep, and Letao and Jemeliwut were born from Wullepéthey popped from a boil on his leg or jumped from his forehead, stories differ. The boys received magic powers from Lijebake, the Great Mother Turtle, and went traveling from atoll to atoll in the Ralik and Ratak chains, and on to Kiribati, being mischievous, and occasionally helpful.

Stories about another brother Ben, and Jemeliwut's daughter Leburak are also included in this section, to keep the family together.

Letao was last heard of causing trouble amongst some washer-women in Oklahoma in the 1950's. He is a character people love to tell stories about.

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