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Samuel McPhetres

Samuel F. McPhetres.  BA in Political Science, UCSB, MA in international relations, Centre Europeén des Études
Superieures (Nancy France 1962).   34 years in Micronesia which included Peace Corps director in Truk, 10 years in the Education for self-government program, Trust Territory the Pacific Islands(TTPI), 10 years as Trust Territory Archivist and Coordinator for International Organizations,TTPI.  Co-author of History of Palau (Ministry of Education, Republic of Palau) and a civics textbook Citizenship and Self-government In the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA (Public School System, CNMI).  Currently Teaching Political Science and History at the Northern Marianas College, Saipan.

Samuel McPhetres
Northern Marianas College
P.O. Box 501250
Saipan, MP 96950
United States of America



Dirk HR Spennemann

Dirk HR Spennemann (MA Frankfurt, PhD Australian National University) is Associate Professor in Cultural Heritage Management at Charles Sturt University, Albury, Australia. His main research in-terests are German colonial heritage in Oceania, in particular Micronesia, and historic preservation/cultural heritage management issues in Micronesia in general. His second focus re threats to heritage posed by natural and human hazards and threats posed by managers in their efforts to counter these hazards. Ethical Heritage Planning and Policy are the cornerstones that need to be understood and addressed if humanity's past is to have a meaningful future.
He is the author/editor of 22 books, with a life-time publication record of over 150 book chapters and refereed academic papers, over 60 non-refereed papers, and close to 100 technical reports and consultancy studies.


A/Prof Dirk HR Spennemann
Institute of Land, Water and Society
Charles Sturt University
P.O. Box 789
Albury NSW 2640