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Vol. 5 no. 1 & 2–2006

Front Matter
316 kb
Cultural Heritage Management in Micronesia: The State of Play at the beginning of the 21st millenium
By Dirk HR Spennemann

Fina'okso' Antigu: Prehistoric Soil Mounds in the Interior of Rota
By Lon Bulgrin
1.2 mb
Conversations with I Man-Aniti: Interpretation of Discoveries of the Rock Art in the Northern Mariana Islands
By Genevieve Cabrera & Herman Tudela
 708 kb
Talagi Pictograph Cave, Guam
By Vic April
1.2 mb
Skulls as Curios, Crania as Science: Some Notes on the Collection of skeletal material during the German Colonial Period
By Dirk HR Spennemann
750 kb
The Archaeological Manifestation of Contemporary Marshallese Burial Practices
By Dirk HR Spennemann
990 kb
Historic Preservation on the United States Army Base on Kwajalein Atoll
By Leslie Mead
640 kb

Physical reminders of the British-Japanese Armament Trade in Micronesia
By Dirk HR Spennemann
870 kb
A British six-inch gun at Barcinas Bay, Tinian, CNMI
By Dirk HR Spennemann
600 kb
A CRM approach in investigating the submerged World War II sites in Chuuk Lagoon
By William Jeffery
4.6 mb
TIGHAR and the TBD in Jaluit
By Thomas King
180 kb
Submerged Cultural and Historic Resources of Maloelap Atoll, Marshall Islands
By Matthew B. Holly
2.1 mb
Impacts of recreational scuba diving on shipwrecks in Australia and the Pacific
By Joanne Edney
950 kb
Managing unexploded ammunition at and near cultural heritage sites
By Dirk HR Spennemann

50 Mb

5.4 Mb (low resolution)

Examples of adaptive re-use of World War II artefacts in Micronesia
By Dirk HR Spennemann
7.1 mb
Micronesian World War II Songs and Chants : Serving a Variety of Functions
By Tammy Duchesne
220 kb

Carolinian voyaging in the new milennium
By Eric Metzgar
350 kb
Preservation and Revitalization of Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Perspective from Cultural Anthropological Research on Indigenous Navigation in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
By Joseph H. Genz & Ben R. Finney
230 kb
Restoring Traditional Seafaring and Navigation in Guam
By Lawrence J. Cunningham, Ward Kranz & Manny Sikau
2.1 mb

  2.6 mb
The Joachim deBrum Photograph Digitization Project
By Eric Lindborg & Cris Lindborg
2.6 mb
Marshalls Audio preservation project
By Scott Stege
2.7 mb
GuamPedia: A Work of Legitimacy
By Nick Goetzfridt
120 kb
The Imagery of Postcards sold in Micronesia during the German Colonial Period
By Dirk HR Spennemann

83 Mb

3.8 Mb (low resolution)


The Role of Cultural Attractions in the Motivations and Awareness Spectrum of Japanese Tourists in the CNMI
By Elizabeth Sayers & Dirk HR Spennemann
490 kb
The Attitudes of Japanese Tourists towards Cultural heritage attractions in the CNMI
By Elizabeth Sayers & Dirk HR Spennemann
550 kb
Cultural heritage attractions in the CNMI: Visitor Satisfaction of Japanese Tourists
By Elizabeth Sayers & Dirk HR Spennemann
450 kb
Provision of information on Cultural Attractions to Japanese Tourists in the CNMI
By Elizabeth Sayers & Dirk HR Spennemann

16 Mb

1.6 Mb (low resolution)


Catching the Drift: Impacts of Oceanic Drift Material in the Marshall Islands
By Nancy Van der Velde and Brian Van der Velde
470 kb
Sea-Rafted Pumice at Mili Atoll, Marshall Islands: 3000 Km From Source
By Frank R. Thomas and Michael D Rosenberg
250 kb
Weed Infestation And Its Impact on The Preservation of a Japanese-Era Concrete Building In Micronesia
By Dirk HR Spennemann & David Lorrence
1.5 mb
Impact of Tropical vegetation On World War II-Era cultural resources in the Marshall islands
By Dirk HR Spennemann & David W. Look
3.3 mb

Combining Curiosity with Political skill. The antiquarian interests of Georg Fritz
By Dirk HR Spennemann
7.6 Mb
How Micronesia Changed The U.S. Historic Preservation Program And The Importance of Keeping It From Changing Back
By Thomas King
280 kb
Resource, Research, and Protection: a view from Pohnpei
By Rufino Mauricio
130 kb
Resources, Research, and Protection: One approach
By Francis X Hezel
170 kb
Virtual Historic Preservation
By Dirk A Ballendorf
120 kb
The Politics of Preservation: Historical Memory and the Division of the Mariana Islands
By Anne Hattori
152 kb
Documenting oral history: an alternate approach
By Rlene Santos Steffy
160 kb
Perceptions of Micronesians on the effectiveness of the Historic Preservation Programs
By John G. O'Neill & Dirk HR Spennemann
250 kb
Heritage and Communities
By Rita Olsudong
700 kb

War in the Pacific NHP in Micronesia: The Past and the Potential
By Tammy Duchesne
1.5 mb
Marshallese Cultural Center on Kwajalein
By Eric Lindborg & Cris Lindborg
930 kb
The University of Guam's Master of Arts in Micronesian Studies in review: Fall 2001-Summer 2006
By Kelly Marsh
170 kb
Archaeological Training Programs in Emerging Micronesian Island Nations
By William Ayres
770 kb
A review of Historic Preservation Funding In Micronesia 1986-2003
By John G. O'Neill & Dirk HR Spennemann
600 kb

Restoration of Traditional Knowledge to Enhance Self-Sufficiency".
By Felicia Beardsley
330 kb
Waan Aelon Kein Project
By Dennis Alessio
270 kb
Digital Futures: cultural management and the role of the Micronesian expatriate communities in Hawaii and the mainland USA
By Dirk HR Spennemann
From Soul to Somnolence: The Palau Community Association of Guam, 1948 To 1997
By Francesca Remengesau & Dirk A. Ballendorf
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Submission Guidelines
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Vol. 4 no. 2–2005

Front Matter
72 kb
Monsignor Olano, A Bishop In World War II
By Florentino Rodao
424 kb
Post-WWII Teacher Training Efforts In Micronesia
By Sweeter Tachuo and Dirk Anthony Ballendorf
164 kb
The Wreck of the Libelle and other early European Visitors
to Wake Island
By Dirk HR Spennemann
344 kb
Guam Striptease in Pacific Studies
By Ana L. Hill
172 kb
The Capture of the Koga Papers and its Effect on the Plan to retake the
Philippines in 1944
By Augusto V. de Viana
284 kb
  Education and the Internet. On A Potential Road to Nowhere?
By Nicholas J. Goetzfridt
152 kb
  The War in the Pacific. American Memorial Park 2004-2005
By Tammy Duchesne
308 kb
  Time Table & Brief History of Service of the Jaluit Gesellschaft Mail Steamer Germania 1904-1914
By Dirk HR Spennemann
192 kb
  D. Francisco García, The Life and Martyrdom of Diego Luis de San Vitores
(reviewed by Jon O'Neill)
84 kb
  D. Lino M. Olopai, The Rope of Tradition
(reviewed by Samuel McPhetres)
84 kb
  Submission Guidelines 140 kb




Vol. 4 no. 1–2005

Front Matter
3.9 mb
The Pampangos in the Mariana Mission 1668-1684
By Augusto V. de Viana
320 kb
Luelen Bernart. His Times, His Book, And His Inspiration
By Dirk Anthony Ballendorf
212 kb
Traditional and Nineteenth Century communication patterns in the
       Marshall Islands
By Dirk HR Spennemann
1.6 mb
Vitalizing Culture in Youth
By Daniel A. Kelin, II
172 kb
Guëhan's Community Representation Conversation
By Kelly G. Marsh
264 kb
  Contextualizing Our Past: P-M Lite Comes to Micronesia
By Rosalind L. Hunter-Anderson
192 kb
  D. Colt Denfeld, Japanese World War II Fortifications and Other Military Structures in the Central Pacific
Gordon L. Rottmann & Ian Palmer, Japanese Pacific Island Defenses 1941-1945
(reviewed by Dirk H.R. Spennemann)
84 kb
  Howard P. Willens and Dirk A. Ballendorf, The Secret Guam Study. Guam and Saipan
(reviewed by Samuel F McPhetres)
96 kb
  Holly Barker, Bravo for the Marshallese, Regaining Control in a Post-Nuclear, Post-Colonial World
(reviewed by Steven L. Simon)
96 kb




Vol. 3 –2004

Front Matter
1,797 kb
By Sam McPhetres & Dirk HR Spennemann
68 kb
  Sacred Space, Taboo Place:
Negotiating Roang on Lamotrek Atoll
By Eric Metzgar
584 kb
  Filipino natives in seventeenth century Marianas:
Their role in the establishment of the Spanish mission in the islands
By Augusto V. de Viana
157 kb
  Post-Colonial and Modern Literature of the Marianas.
A Critical Commentary
By Robert Tenorio Torres
247 kb
  Lessons Learned:
The Micronesian Quest for Independence in the Context of American Imperial History
By Glenn Petersen
269 kb
  Design and Application of On-Line Questionnaires:
Experiences from Micronesia
By Jon OêNeill & Dirk H.R. Spennemann
461 kb
  War in the Pacific National Historic Park 2003-2004
By Tammy Duchesne
1,329 kb
  Micronesian Seminar 2004
By Francis X. Hezel
80 kb
  Activities of the Alele Museum in 2004
By Carmen C.H. Petrosian-Husa
85 kb
  Historic Preservation in the Marshall Islands: 2003-2004 Research
By Frank R. Thomas
382 kb
  Penelope Bordallo-Hofschneider, A Campaign for Political Rights on the Island of Guam, 1899-1950
Vicente M. Diaz
133 kb
  Scott Russell, The Island of Rota. An Archaeological and Historical Overview
(reviewed by Dirk H.R. Spennemann)
63 kb
  Chronicle of the Mariana Islands: Recorded in the Agaña Parish Church 1844-1899 Reports Concerning the Marianas Islands: The Memorias of 1890-1894
(reviewed by James M. Vincent)
59 kb
  Majorie G. Driver & Francis X. Hezel, El Palacio. The Spanish Palace in Agaña, 1668®1898
(reviewed by Dirk H.R. Spennemann)
70 kb
  Louis Claude de Freycinet, An Account of the Corvette L'Uranie's sojourn at the Mariana Islands, 1819
(reviewed by Dirk H.R. Spennemann)
71 kb
  Katheryn Tuten-Pucket, We Drank Our Tears
(reviewed by Samuel F. McPhetres)
58 kb
  Valentine N. Sengebau, Microchild: An Anthology of Poetry
(reviewed by Jane Downing)
62 kb
  Kagman Elementary School, Blue Marlin and other Billfish--Dandan Elementary School, The Tottot and Other Micronesian Doves and Pigeons--Garapan Elementary School, The Mariana Mallard and Other Oceanic Ducks
(reviewed by Jane Downing)
56 kb
  Submission Guidelines 110 kb




Vol. 2 –2003

Front Matter
3,103 kb
Editorial: A New Look Journal
By Dirk HR Spennemann & Sam McPhetres
76 kb
  Pre-Contact Marianas Folklore, Legends, and Literature.
A Critical Commentary
By Robert Tenorio Torres
208 kb
  Seeking for the Origins. The Dao of the Chamorro Creation Myth
By Bill Bingham
136 kb
  Colonial and Conquest Lore of the Marianas.
A Critical Commentary
By Robert Tenorio Torres
150 kb
  The Joachim De Brum House, Likiep Atoll, Marshall Islands.
An outstanding example of Micronesian plantation architecture
By Jon G. O’Neill & Dirk H. R. Spennemann
1,802 kb
  Japanese offensive operations immediately after the Outbreak of war
The cooperative operation of the Army and Navy to occupy Guam
By Toyoko Kang
159 kb
  Teacher and Student perceptions of the cultural heritage of the CNMI.
An empirical snap-shot
By Dirk HR Spennemann
226 kb
  Rudolf von Benningsen, The German Take-Over of the Caroline, Palau & Mariana Islands
(reviewed by Sam McPhetres)
52 kb
  Hermann Joseph Hiery, The Neglected War: The German South Pacific and the Influ-ence of World War I
(reviewed by James M. Vincent)
56 kb
  Submission Guidelines (effective 2004) 112 kb




Vol. 1–2002

Front Matter
3,774 kb
  Editors Corner 53 kb
  How the West was Really Won:
The Navajo Code Talkers’ Contribution to American Victory in the Pacific During the 2nd World War
By Mary Ann Q. Lizama
209 kb
  Earl Hancock Ellis: A Marine in Micronesia
By Dirk Anthony Ballendorf
156 kb
  An Eye for An Ear:
The Reversal of Psychic Current in the Bicameral Culture of the Marianas
By Bill Bingham
148 kb
  Erotic Legends and Narratives in Chuuk, Micronesia
By Beatriz Moral
212 kb
Oral Traditions and Archeology:
Modeling Village Settlement in Palau, Micronesia
By Stephen Wickler
140 kb
Carolinian-Marinas Voyaging—Continuing the Tradition
By William Flood
160 kb


  Howard P. Willens and Deanne C. Siemer, National Security & Self Determination
(reviewed by Sam McPhetres)

60 kb
  Samuel F. McPhetres, Self Government & Citizenship in the CNMI
(reviewed by Jim Vincent)
52 kb
  Penelope Bordallo Hofschneider, A Campaign for Political Rights in the Island of Guam
(reviewed by Scott Russell)
52 kb
  Michael D Wright. and Lynn Knight, Now for Then: The Marianas Marine Scouts
(reviewed by Debra T. Cabrera)
56 kb
  Dirk H.R. Spennemann, Aurora Australis. The German Period in the Mariana Islands 1899-1914
(reviewed by Jim Vincent)
56 kb