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Editor's Acknowledgements
by Dirk H.R. Spennemann


ITC 130 students

The coding for the creation of the electronic versions of Marshallese Legends and Traditions Tattooing in the Marshall Islands, and Essays on the Marshallese Past was set as class exercises for the subject ITC 130 'On-Line Publishing' in 1997 and 1998 taught by Prof. David Green and Rob Stocker. The students did not develop any intellectual content, but transformed academic text existing in a wordprocessor format into on-line material. Some of the students' coding flowed into the development of the final site. Darren Stuart provided some of the further site development (particularly developed the footnoting option) and recoded of the students' work into the present form of the three books.

The following students took part in the 1997 and 1998 classes of ITC 130 On-Line Publishing' :

Kristi Adams, Keith Alchin, Jeffrey Allom, Masoud Azimi, Vinay Bal, Karl Barry, Michael Berg, Paul Berude, Michael Billingham, Gabriel Bizcarra, Glen Blacker, Hugh Blandford, Corinne Boer, Kenneth Bordignon, Bruce Bowyer-Smyth, Zdenka Bozic, Christopher Briggs, Antony Bross, Joseph Brown, Gavan Brown, Craig Bruce, Craig Bruce, Gabrielle Bulley, Claire Cameron, Warren Carey, Alex Cavaleri, Kam Choi, Kristy Colwell, Sean Cook, James Cottee, Brock Cremer, Terry Dawson, Lionel Delaney, Guy Derriman, Cory Dewar, Joel Dickins, Bradley Dixon, Raymond Doody, Sharon Douglas-Anderson, David Elson, Simon Farrell, Brian Fisher, Margaret Foulston, Margaret Foulston, Jeremy Galvan, Justin Gander, Kristy Gay, Jo Gilbey, Kylie Goldsmith, Averil Greenhalgh, Daniel Grover, Gertrud Gybrant, Richard Hampshire, Michael Hannan, Kerry Hansen, Jason Harmer, Christopher Hartles, Michael Hibbert, Shaun Hinch, Christopher Hogan, Peter Hurley, Peter Hurley, Jayne Ion, Michael Ivas, Richard Janson, Matthew Jarrett, Nathan Johnston, Nathan Kellow, Richard Lane, Jason Larocca, Karen Ley, Erlinda Leynes, Andrew Lill, Anne Lindsay, Darcy Llewellyn, Philip Lormer, Peter Lovenfosse, Jonathan Lowden, Gordan Markulin, Barbara Martin, Ben Martin, Kathleen Martin, Lachlan Martin, James McCarthy, Kevin McDermott, Kevin McDermott, Matthew Miller, Damon Mills, Dean Moscher, David Mueller, Eileen Mukhebi, Cheryl Murphy, Drew Nichols, Dylan O'Donnell, Christopher O'Haire, Siobhan O'Neile, Michael Ovington, Rajendra Pallapothu, John Pascoe, Christopher Payne, Jason Percival, Sally Petersen, David Petrovic, Jonathan Phillip, Richard Pilkington, Richard Pilkington, Stephen Pokorra, Matthew Porta, Eric Proszenyak, Terry Punch, Simon Raschle, Jonathon Reid, Rita Rose, Nicholas Rough, Eran Scholz, Frank Sergi, Chris Short, Harendra Singh, Kristy Singleton, Amone Sitlakone, Dean Sparkes, Donna Starr, Matthew Stedman, David Stevenson, Darren Stuart, Ricky Symonds, Lars Timander, Stewart Todd, Mathew Tratz, Dean Vardanega, Pablo Villegas, Pablo Villegas, Michael Walsh, Edward Weule, Gregory Williams, Steven Woodland, Brett Wortham, Brett Wortham, Andrew Wyman. Cynthia Yench.

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