Historic Ships Associated with the Marshall Islands No. 3
The German Postal Steamer Germania

by Dirk H.R. Spennemann

The Germania was built in 1904 by Friedrich Krupp AG on the Germania Werft at Kiel, Germany.


The Germania commenced its steamer service on on 9 December 1904, departing HongKong for Sydney (see timetable for voyages 1 to 14). The service was terminated with voyage no. 57 (see timetable for voyages 54 to 61) when the Germania was interned in Sydney in the first days of World War I. The ship was then leased to the main competitor of the Jaluit Gesellschaft, Burns Philp & Co., which operated it under the name Mawatta from February 1915 to June 1920.


The Germania in Chuuk Lagoon.

The house flag of the Jaluit Gesellschaft

The Jaluit Gesellschaft utilised the Germania both for the required mail steam service in the islands, and for

The Germania arrives near empty in Jaluit Lagoon about 1911.

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Burns Philp

The outbreak of World War I on @@ 1914 caught the Germania in Sydney. The Australia government quickly confiscated the vessel.

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Societe de Tour des Cotes

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Japanese Navy

Technical Data

Name: Germania (1904-1915)
Mawatta (1915-1937)
Elsie Moller (1937-1941)
Esashi Maru (1941-1945)
Displacement:1096 GRT
Length overall:XXXX (210.6 feet)
Breadth: XXXX (32.7 feet)
Height: XXXX
Draught: XXXX (14.6 feet)
Passengers:XXXX (cabin)
XXXX (deck)
Range: 539 n
Engine: T ex. steam engine
Power:156 NHP


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Spennemann, Dirk H.R. (2002). The German Postal Steamer Germania (1904-1945). Historic Ships Associated with the Marshall Islands No. 3.
URL: http:/marshall.csu.edu.au/Marshalls/html/MIShips/Germania.html

Dirk H.R. Spennemann, Institute of Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University, P.O.Box 789, Albury NSW 2640, Australia.
e-mail: dspennemann@csu.edu.au

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