8-inch Coastal Defense Guns
by Dirk H.R. Spennemann
The Distribution of the Guns

Distribution of long-barreled guns


Four guns each have been encountered on the following places:

• Sapuk, Moen I., Chuuk Atoll (Denfeld 1981b:49).

• Eneen-Kio/Wake: Two guns at Pigeon Point, Two guns at Peacock Point (Cohen 1983, p. 89, 95, 103)

• Betio, Tarawa Atoll; Kiribati: Two guns at Temakin Point (SE battery, tandem) and two guns at Takarango Point (SW battery). (Cohen 1983, p. 89, 95, 103; OPNAV 1945a, p.54.)

Other Pacific

• Cavite Area, Phillipines: a Mk II DP gun (captured by U.S. forces) MEIU (1945b)

• 8-inch guns were emplaced as coastal defense in Australia in 1904 in Newcastle. (Bartsch 1977:17; 19; ISSMD/JICPOA 1943.)

• Spare' 8-inch barrels were stored in HongKong and were captured by the Japanese in 1942 (Schedule of armament of the fixed defenses of the Commonwealth (light machine guns excepted) 1904. In: AWM 3 Item nº 6. Miscellaneous papers. Australian War Memorial, Canberra.). It is believed that they were used to fortify HongKong and neighbouring areas, and were not shipped to Micronesia.

Distribution of short-barreled guns

Such guns have been reported from

• Peleliu, Palau (Denfeld 1988, p. 71) and

• Guam(Bangi Point: Denfeld 1992, p. 51; Tumon Bay: Denfeld 1992, p. 53)

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Dirk H.R. Spennemann, Institute of Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University, P.O.Box 789, Albury NSW 2640, Australia.
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