Foreign Land holdings in the German Marshall Islands
by Dirk HR Spennemann

Conventions used



The pointed { } brackets identify unpublished sources in the unpublished sources list at the end of this compilation. Rectangular[ ] brackets identify additions and explanations to original source information provided by the present author.

The properties have been listed in this compilation in alphabetical order of the atolls, and within the atolls in alphabetical order by islands. All property entries have been listed in the following format:


wato, Island, Atoll

The first line gives the name of the wato on which the property islocated on, the name of the island and the name of the atoll.

Size of parcel of land: the size of the land is given in hectares and ar and in square metres (in brackets).

Original acquisition in: Here the date of the acquisition from the local powers is given. If possible conditions and purchase price are listed.

Transfers since original acquisition: This section outlines the ownership history of the particular piece of property.

Ownership of property in 1913: The owner of the property in1913, the last oficial German Colonial document listing the landowners is given here.

Grundbuch Entry No.: given the entry number and the yearof the Grundbuch listing.

Traders known: any traders known are listed in this section.

Comments: There may be collataral information on individuals, on transcations and the like, which can be entered here.

Sources used: Identification of the sources used in the above compilation of the piece of property.


Bibliographic citation for this document

Spennemann, Dirk HR. (2000) Foreign Land holdings in the German Marshall Islands. A preliminary listing of leased and purchased land until World War I. Second edition.
URL: http:/

Dirk H.R. Spennemann, Institute of Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University, P.O.Box 789, Albury NSW 2640, Australia.

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