Marshall Islands Atoll Information

Jaluit Atoll

Atoll Information

Atoll (name) Location Number
Land area (km2) Lagoon area (km2) Ratio land to lagoon area (km2)
English Marshallese North East area rank area rank ratio rank
Jaluit Jlwj 6°00' 169°34' 84 11.34 5 689.74 7 1.64 17

Map of Jaluit Atoll (Source: Office of Planning and Statistics 1989


Alternative names

The following alternative names have been used on European charts
logbooks and the accounts of visitors:

Banham (mispelling)
Bonham (Patterson 1809)
Bougham Group (Morning Star 1859);
Chelnitt (Morning Star 1859)
Coquille, Isles de la (Duperrey 1823)
Scheludj (Witt 1881)

US. Navy Codenames used during WWII and during the nuclear testing period

Archbishop -- Jaluit Island, Jaluit Atoll
Deadwood -- Jaluit Atoll
Fiendish -- Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll
Fountain -- Aineman Island, Jaluit Atoll
Lawlord -- Jaluit Island, Jaluit Atoll
Longshore -- Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll
Meritorious -- Aineman Island, Jaluit Atoll
Scapegrace -- Jaluit Island, Jaluit Atoll


Public Health

Epidemics recorded for the Jaluit (1887-1943)
Atolls known to
YearDiseasehave been affectedCasualtiesSource
1887ChickenpoxJaluitgreat numberSteinbach 1893a
1893ChickenpoxJaluitSteinbach 1893a
1895InfluenzaJaluitAnonymous 1897
1907Whooping coughJaluitMS4
1908Small poxJaluitMS4
1910InfluenzaJaluit100 deadMS4
1931InfluenzaJaluit140 deadMS4

Environmental Data

View a 1881 map of Jaluit Atoll

Map of Jaluit Atoll (1897)
Map of Jaluit Atoll (1897)
Jaluit Atoll. Map. Insert: Jabwor (1895)
Map of Jabwor, Jaluit Atoll (Langhans 1897)
Map of Jabwor Island, Jaluit Atoll (Hayn 1897)
Outer Reef of Jaluit Atoll.
The beach at Jabwor, Jaluit Atoll.
Tidal pond in the northern section of Jabwor, Jaluit
Jaluit Pass in the 1870s (colour lithograph).
The German mail steamer Oceana steams through the south-east passage of Jaluit Atoll.
Jaluit Atoll. Main Passage as seen from the south
Shingle ridge and reef platform on the oceanside of Jabwor, Jaluit

Historic Data

List of the Foreign property holdings during the German Colonial Period

Historic Demographic Information for the Marshall Islands--Jaluit Atoll

Chronological listing of ships visiting the Marshall Islands until 1885 --Jaluit Atoll

Historic Copra Production by Atoll --Jaluit Atoll

Combat Chronology of the US Army Air Forces in operations against and from the Marshall Islands--Events regarding Jaluit Atoll

Brig Vision at Jaluit Atoll 1876


Traditional Voyaging Canoe at Jaluit Atoll.
Accommodation of the Landeshauptmann of the Marshall Islands in Jaluit, pre 1905
Canoes in Jaluit Harbour
Dance of Marshallese on Jaluit , possibly on occasion of the Emperor's Birthday 28 January (1902?) (2)
Dance of Marshallese on Jaluit , possibly on occasion of the Emperor's Birthday 28 January (1902?)
German Trade Station Area at the northern Tip of Jabwor, Jaluit
Girl on Jaluit in the 1870s (colour lithograph).
Harbour Front of Jabwor, Jaluit, with the German administration building.
Harbour Front of Jabwor, Jaluit.
Jabwor, Jaluit. Hospital, with airing huts (Lüftungshütten) in the foreground
Jabwor, Jaluit. House of the German Administrator (Landeshauptmann).
Jaluit Harbour before 1891 (etching)
Jaluit Harbour before the 1905 typhoon
Jaluit Harbour before with canoes
Jaluit Harbour front in the 1870s
Jaluit Harbour front pre 1901(?)
Jaluit Harbour in the 1870s (colour lithograph).
Jaluit Harbour, taken before the typhoon of 1905
Making a Traditional Canoe, with traditional houses in the background (Jaluit).
Marshallese korkor canoe in Jaluit, probably pre 1905.
Samoan Exilees (Mata'afa) in German internment on Jabwor, Jaluit
The beach at Jabwor, Jaluit Atoll.
The German mail steamer Oceana steams through the south-east passage of Jaluit Atoll.
Track leading through the interior of Jabwor, Jaluit. Located near the hospital
Traditional Canoe (on Jaluit, photographed in 1895)
Traditional Canoe. With canoes in Jaluit Lagoon in the background
Traditional Voyaging Canoe at Jaluit Atoll.
Women on Jaluit Atoll.




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